Toby and Kobe

By: Photogawker

Mar 06 2009

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4 comments on “Toby and Kobe”

  1. Ah! I want both. Toby and Kobe – sounds like Kane and Abel (or Cain and Abel whichever way you want it). So darn cute both are. I saw them on your display pic on FB.

    By the way, is someone drawing their attention with dog bones!!! I can see a third one too.

    Lovely fellas, I swear.


  2. LOL! Sib, the two pups on FB aren’t Toby and Kobe. There were 7 in all !
    Yeah, i was using dog biscuits to get them to stay put. The other photograph of Toby – I had my sis hold the biscuits over my head to get them to look at me/camera.

  3. I like the quizzical look on Kobe’s face 🙂

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