Arch Residency


4 comments on “Arch Residency”

  1. Just a wee bit too photoshop-ed for me. I would have liked to see the original photo as it was taken. But then again, that’s just me…I’m one of the old schoolers that insist on little or no photoshop. It’s a beautiful image nonetheless.

  2. Hey, vagabond
    Great to have you here. I’ve only converted the original to sepia and bumped up the saturation a tad.
    I think the (color of the) frame is not doing the photograph any favors.
    Point taken nonetheless. The way the pic is presented does not put its best foot forward.

  3. In the first glance, it appeared like a painting to me. I would like to see it converted to plain B/W and its impact.

    You are right, Crooner, the frame’s colour has hijacked something. Great stuff at the same time.


  4. Yeah, Soul, with the frame it does look like a painting. Not what i had in mind but oh well… 🙂

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